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Sonoma County Food System Alliance

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Working to build a healthy food system requires considering all the components of the system and building solid relationships between stakeholders. The Sonoma County Food System Alliance (SCFSA) is a county-based coalition of diverse stakeholders working to address food system needs through collective action. Convened in partnership by Ag Innovations Network and the County of Sonoma in 2009, the SCFSA is a powerful tool working to bring our community together to deal with countywide issues and create quality ideas that lead to effective action.

Over 30 members from organizations as diverse as the Ceres Project, which focuses on providing healthy food to individuals and families facing life-threatening illnesses, to Sonoma County Cooperative Extension, which supports farmers and ranchers throughout the County, are part of the Alliance. The SCFSA is committed to the long-term process necessary to achieve system-wide change and will continue to leverage partnerships and strategic opportunities to reach the goals outlined in the Food Action Plan. The Alliance is currently working with local governments, business, community organizations and individuals to advance the Plan and reach our vision.

The project receives primary funding support from the Sonoma County Department of Health Service’s Health Action Initiative.


July Salon: Food “System Thinking”

Jul 10, 2014 -

Food "System Thinking": What System Theory can tells us about how to change our food system

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2014 Alliance Network Salon Series

Jun 12, 2014 -

Announcement! We are thrilled to announce that we will be partnering with Roots of Change, the facilitator for the California Food Policy Council on our July, September and November salons!

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Experiential Learning’s Impact on the Sonoma County Food System

May 29, 2014 -

Experiential Learning's Impact on the Sonoma County Food System

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Farm Girl Cattle Co.

May 29, 2014 -

Farm Girl Cattle Co. is born! Local girl, local movement, social consciousness.

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Producer Advisory Council

May 21, 2014 -

The Producer Advisory Council (PAC) has been launched to help Ag Innovations Network ensure that our Food System Alliances understand and recognize the needs of specialty crop producers in California.

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