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Sonoma County Food System Alliance

The Sonoma County Food System Alliance (SCFSA) is a county-based coalition of diverse stakeholders working to improve our food system through community engagement and collective action. Convened through a partnership between Ag Innovations and the County of Sonoma in 2009, the Alliance is a powerful tool to bring our community together to target food system issues and creating quality ideas that lead to effective action.

The SCFSA is committed to the long-term process necessary to achieve system-wide change and will continue to leverage partnerships and strategic opportunities to reach the goals outlined in the Food Action Plan. The project receives primary funding support from the Sonoma County Department of Health Service’s Health Action Initiative.


Through May 15, 2016, Ag Innovations is collecting information on specific initiatives and the progress made between 2012-2015. A Food Action Plan inventory will be published later this summer. Please submit your project and let the community know about your work!

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Project Summary



2016 SCFSA Sponsors

Mar 13, 2016 -

With deep appreciation to the 2016 SCFSA sponsors

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2016 Sonoma County Food Forum

Jan 29, 2016 -

REGISTER HERE March 17, 2016, 8:30am to 2:30pm at the Wells Fargo Center For the Arts in Santa Rosa. We invite you to join your fellow community leaders to celebrate accomplishments and help shape the next phase of the Food Action Plan.

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Food Action Plan Inventory Project

Jan 07, 2016 -

Ag Innovations is collecting information on local initiatives to create an inventory of the current landscape of food system initiatives and progress made against each of the FAP goals. Take the survey here!

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SCFSA Sponsorship Package

Jan 04, 2016 -

SCFSA 2016 Sponsorship Package: Become a sponsor today!

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Growing Our Farms Forum

Apr 07, 2015 -

April 23, 2015 workshop to connect farmers and ranchers with land in Sonoma County, to share resources, and explore opportunities for producers and landowners to increase the availability of farmland for local food production.

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