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Pillar 1: Agriculture & Natural Resources


The Ag & Natural Resources action area is focused on:

  1. Growing food and creating a local food system that supports the viability of diverse scaled farms and ranches
  2. The permanent protection of land for agricultural production
  3. Managing agricultural land in a way that also enhances the natural resources of the land, surrounding area and water systems

In order to have local food, we need local land on which to produce it, and that land needs to be thoughtfully managed to ensure we maintain those lands for future generations. Sonoma County has the potential to produce large amounts of diverse types of food. However, over the past one hundred years, the variety of crops produced locally has decreased to mostly those products that can be distributed and marketed outside the county. Creating more agricultural diversity and crops for local use is central for a thriving local food system. It is important to ensure that agricultural lands are permanently protected so there will always be land available for food production. 

GOAL 1: Protect and Enhance the Agricultural Land Base, Farms and Ranches

1.1 Protect permanent farm and ranch land
1.2 Promote tthe use of public land for food production
1.3 Promote educational opportunities on farmers and ranches
1.4 Support public and private incentives for food producing land  
1.5 Ensure regulatory support for food production and processing

GOAL 2: encourage Sound resource management

2.1 Support agricultural practices that preserve and increase topsoil and soil fertility, and that enhance riparian corridors
2.2 Work towards sonoma county sustainable water use and encourage conservation practices to save water and conserve energy
2.3 Create resources out of food scraps and agricultural by-products
2.4 Educate and promote environmentally friendly third-party certification for local food producers
2.5 Prioritize the regeneration of local fish and fisheries
2.6 Support and encourage heirloom livestock, crop and species diversity
2.7 Enhance agricultural potential to mitigate and adapt to climate change
2.8 Promote wildlife-friendly agricultural practices