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Endorse and Support the Food Action Plan

The Food Action Plan endorsement effort aims to leverage countywide support and action while expanding engagement in local food system development. By endorsing the plan, you join with others to declare support for the vision and our commitment to food system change in Sonoma County. We encourage your endorsement of the FAP as a comprehensive plan. Should you/your organization not be prepared to sign-on to the entire FAP, supporters have the option to endorse 1+ Pillar or 1+ Goals.

Your endorsement will help build momentum to advance the Food Action Plan, support you in linking up with others working in similar areas, and help the Sonoma County Food System Alliance identify what efforts are underway and where the gaps are. 


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Dear Supporter: One of our goals is to build more understanding and collaboration in the community. As such, some or all of the project information you provide may be shared (via our website) with others working on similar issues or used to help us evaluate the implementation of the FAP. Thank you for your support and participation in creating a thriving local food system for Sonoma County!



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