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Sonoma County Healthy & Sustainable Food Action Plan

The Food Action Plan (FAP) is a collaborative effort between the Sonoma County Food System Alliance, the Sonoma County Department of Health Services, and a network of diverse community stakeholders. Building upon existing work, the FAP provides a shared community vision and goals for our local food system. The Plan incorporates the findings from the Sonoma County Community Food Assessment and Food Forum Report and invites local governments, businesses, community organizations and individuals to commit to action and play an active role in improving our food system.

As a road map, the Plan serves as a framework to guide collaboration and integrate the efforts of diverse food system stakeholders. As a guide, it serves to catalyze policy change, encourage investment, and raise awareness and support from our community and policymakers. While the FAP intends to be a comprehensive guide, it also serves as a living document – a guiding north star – and aims to respect the voices of all industries across the spectrum of the food system.

The FAP groups opportunities and concerns into 4 action areas (Pillars): Agriculture & Natural Resources, Economic Vitality, Healthy Eating, and Social Equity.

Within each Pillar, broad goals are articulated and details of policies and recommendations are enumerated into sub-goals. In total, the Plan includes 11 broad food system goals, 42 sub-goals, and was designed to move across the levels of the food system.

The SCFSA is committed to the long-term process necessary to achieve system-wide change and will continue to leverage partnerships and strategic opportunities to reach the goals outlined in the Food Action Plan. 

It’s time for us to join our efforts together so we can create a healthy local food system which supports all of our people. The Action Plan gives us a road map to get there, and offers simple actions clearly showing a role for everyone. With collective vision and the collaboration provided by the Action Plan, Sonoma County can make every day Food Day. - Food system leader and former Supervisor Valerie Brown

Food Action Plan Downloads:
Food Action Plan (high-quality version)
Food Action Plan (low-resolution version)
FAP Appendices (county-specific data)